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Show Time Schedule

The following are DJ's/Artist/Bands we support and they support our station. Listed below is the schedule(s) for there show.
It might be a one time show or a weekly event.
After the date/time of the event it will say Top 40, Country, or Both. This is telling which radio station it's on.
Any suggestions for shows can be sent to: Email: DJ Bear

Weekly Events:

It is a 54 minute program of Southern Gospel music and a 2-3minute sermonette. The host is the same as New Country Brew-it's Bill Hughes and my self.
Country Roads Diner Show

Playing Tue 3PM EST & Mon 1AM EST (Country)
Country Roads Diner Show is Hosted by Gemini in Long Island, NY.
The Country Roads Diner [Indie Edition] is a weekly radio show playing music,
sometimes even an interview, from the best independent country artists. Never know what will be on the menu,
but I can guarantee, we'll always be servin' up a full helpin' of great country music!.

My Country Australian and New Zealand

Playing Thur 3PM EST & Fri 12PM EST (Country)
My Country Australia is Hosted by Pete Matthewman and is an ALL Australian and New Zealand Country Music
show that showcases the very best of the latest & greatest form the lands Downunder.

Bill Hughes & Kenny Morris Southern Gospel

Playing Sun 3AM EST & Sun 3PM EST (Country)
Listeners who love Gospel music will love Bill Hughes and Kenny Morris 1 Hour Southern Gospel.
Bill Hughes and Kenny Morris give talented independent artists a chance to share their music and stories with you..

Bill Hughes & Kenny Morris New Country Brew

Playing Wed 3PM EST & Sun 3AM EST (Country)
Listeners who love country music will love Bill Hughes and Kenny Morris New Country Brew.
New Country Brew is a fast-moving show featuring great music and lots of fun.
Bill Hughes and Kenny Morris give talented independent artists a chance to share their music and stories with you..

It's All Country

Playing Tue 1 PM EST (Country)
"It's All Country" is your musical airliner to great Independent Country Music.
Board this weeks musical airliner with your captain and veteran syndicated host,
Bob Williams, as he takes you on a musical journey around the world

It's time to put your table in the upright position and fasten your seat belt.

An Hour Of Country with Sue Dyson

Playing Wed 6 AM EST & Wed 7 PM EST (Country)
An Hour Of Country with Sue Dyson radio show hosted by Sue Dyson, has grown steadily in popularity since its inception a year ago
and is now featured on several radio stations around New Zealand, Australia, the USA and other parts of the world.
Listeners to ‘An Hour Of Country’ will be rewarded with great new music, thus her show has become a fantastic
vehicle in the promotion of independent contemporary country music artists.
Sue Dyson comes from the Wairarapa in New Zealand and has a lengthy association with country music,
as both an artist and a radio host, and works tirelessly in the promotion of quality country artists from all around the world.

If you are an artist or band and would like your music to be considered for airplay on An Hour Of Country,
please send music direct to: info@anhourofcountry.com

Independent Music Network’s Radio Specials
Tope 40 (Mainstream) & Country Show

Playing Tues 6 PM (Top40) & (Country)
Independent Music Network’s Radio Specials by Buck McCoy the country artist.
Each month, Buck McCoy brings you independent artist to his shows.
You will here the best up-and-coming country music artists, round out the weekly show.
If you go to the Top 40 (Rock Station) you will hear Top 40 version of his show.
This is great you get both worlds of Music in two different shows. For more information, visit www.independentmusicnetwork.com

DJ Nik Whiskey And Cigarettes

Playing Friday 7 PM - 9 PM EST (Country)
Whiskey And Cigarettes is the brainchild of DJ Nik Pizzigoni, a 12-year-veteran DJ from Milan, Italy.
Each week, DJ Nik brings his listeners the best mix of classic, current and indie country music.
Nik infuses his own Euro-charm and music industry knowledge into each broadcast,
giving his audience more than just their favorite country music he delivers a one-of-a-kind radio experience.
Nik's warm personality, smooth delivery and charming British accent,
Interesting trivia spotlights and intriguing interviews, with some of the best up-and-coming country music artists,
round out the weekly show. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/whiskeyandcigarettes.

Jeremy Bradley - The Open Road Show

Playing Monday at 10 AM - 12 PM and Sunday at 3 PM - 5 PM EST (Country)
Jeremy Bradley show is coming out of Canada.
The Open Road With Jeremy Bradley Country music at its finest.
Yesterday's classics and today's hottest hits.
The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley features two hours of music, celeb guests and fun chatter.

CD-Tex Radio Show

Wed at 3PM EST, Saturday at 7 PM EST (Country)
CD-Tex Show with Bob Lopez is a Syndicated Country Show.
You hear awsome upcoming Country Stars and most of them from Texas.

DJ Bear Independent Artist Showcase
Every Sunday 5PM - 7PM Eastern USA Time (Top 40)
DJ Bear will be showcasing Independent Artist & Theme Shows. He will be talking about new groups and playing their music.
You never know who's going to stop in and chat with him. He will look at all types of music during his show.